Monitor on Server with MS SQL Server Does Not Respond 
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 Monitor on Server with MS SQL Server Does Not Respond

We are using SQL Server 6.5.  We have a VB program using the Crystal
.OCX to run a Crystal Report on the server.  The Crystal Report
executes a stored procedure which does several selects to temporary
tables, etc.

My real concern here is not how long the report runs (maybe an hour),
but why the other programs on the server's Desktop will not run while
the stored procedure is running.  The SQL Performance Monitor and
PowerChute Plus will run, although we cannot see much resource being

Programs which will start up and show the outline of their form, but
then not complete the display of it or respond to clicks on the few
buttons showing include the following:
        SQL Enterprise Manager
        Two VB apps written by us
It looks like it is the ones trying to access the database which have
a problem.

Is there a prioritization scheme we are not seeing or something else
to set so the primary routine running against the database (the
stored procedure in this case) will "come up for air", like DoEvents
in VB?

Marvin Bergeleen

Tue, 10 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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