Crystal Reports and Control Codes? 
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 Crystal Reports and Control Codes?

How are you accessing the ASCII file for CR? With ODBC?
Or just embedding it into a text object??
Is it variable or fixed length records?
Where are the control codes in relation to fields? At the end
eg CRLF record separators or in the middle of actual data??
If fixed length, I would make the ODBC definition ignore trailing
CRLFs etc.
If it is just "one big field" I would be inclined to write a small filter
program that strips out characters you don't want - could be done
in about 10 lines of vb.

Les Schmalzbach
(remove nospam- to reply).

> I have a ASCII file I wish to run a report off of. The problem is I have
> imbedded control codes for page advances in the file.  This file is
> received in my office from a Main Frame system.  Can anyone tell me an
> easy way to remove the control codes so that Crystal Reports 6.0 does
> not page advance in the middle of the report?

> Any help would be greatly apprecieated!
> Thank You
> John Klingler

Tue, 18 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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