Problem Using Time Part of a Date-Time field in SQL-Server 
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 Problem Using Time Part of a Date-Time field in SQL-Server

As information for anyone else who has the same problem:

I wished to be able to make use of the Time part of a Date-Time field, so I
set the Report Options to convert Date-Time field to Date-Time.
After having done this, when I browsed the data in any DateTime field it
said it was of type 'String' and if I tried to format it, it only gave the
formatting options for a string.
I worked out I needed to use the DTSDateTime functions, but they were not
available in the function Editor Window.(I am using the Report Designer
Component from within VB).
So I contacted Seagate's Web ACD system and they promptly sent me the
appropriate UFL's to install and the additional functions then appeared in
the Function Editor Window, and I can extract the Time part of the the
Date-Time field.

Hope this information is of help to others!

Arvinder Sansoa

Tue, 24 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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