problem linking a main report to a subreport 
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 problem linking a main report to a subreport

I have a main report that connects to a MS Access database with native
driver. In this report is a subreport that connects to an Oracle database
with ODBC. If I don't link them together, of course each runs separately and
gives me the expected output. However, if I attempt to link them together I
will get nothing in the subreport. I have an order number in the main report
that I am using the trim function to remove the leading and trailing spaces.
Also doing the same with the subreport order number. I have consulted with
Crystal tech support about this when they recommended using the trim
function. Beyond that, they're not sure. The order numbers in each are of
the same data type. I also applied the patches that the Crystal support
represenative suggested with no success. Is there anything else that I could
be overlooking? Thanks in advance.


Mon, 10 Jan 2005 13:47:18 GMT  
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