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I am using CDO to access Crystal Report 8.5.

When I distribute my application to all my clients, I would like to only
enable "toFile". I don't want to give them a choice to export to a format
other than "toFile". I've checked the help files, but it seems only
explaining its definition. Is there any "true/false" property to enable or
disable specific "destination"??
If no, how can I do that??

Thank you in advance.


toFile - To a Disk File.  FileName must be specified if PromptForOptions is

toEmailViaMapi - To an email message on MS Exchange, MS Outlook, etc.

toEmailViaVIM - To an email message on Lotus Notes mail, etc.

toEmailViaSMI - To an email message on SMI mail, etc.

toMSExchange - To an email message in an MS Exchange Folder.

toLotusNotes - To a Lotus Notes database.

toApplication - To an Application, either by file extension association, or
specified in AppName.

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