confused about CR embeddable control 
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 confused about CR embeddable control

Hello every one!

I've ran in a problem/confusion that it's pretty hard even to explain it so
please be patient with me:

I am using the "Embeddable_Designer_Control.vbp" example that came with CR
8.5 - you know, the one that has a tab with the embeddable designer control
on it and another tab "preview" where you can view the changes you made on
the report.

I made some changes in the code so that the first time I run the
application, the viewer comes up defaultly with the default .rpt report (the
path to it I hard coded) in it.

So, everything works fine, etc... Now the problem:

I would like to access specific report objects programatically in the
CRviewer if this is possible (like formulas, fields) as I was able to do it
with the CR active x in VB in design mode (in another project where I just
added the CR 8.5 ActiveX designer).

PLease help...

thanks a lot,
"The world is good. The world is fallen. The world can be redeemed." -
Phillip Yancey


Wed, 29 Sep 2004 00:39:38 GMT  
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