Fornula running totals 
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 Fornula running totals

I am having problems with the running totals as well and I do need some
help. I am setting my SQL to only get the customer_code. Then after I
get that data I am trying to figure out the "On Time" by total records
compared to printed records. I do not want to show all the records but
only the ones that are late.
My code looks like

EvaluateAfter ({HB.CREATE_DATE});
    global numberVar RECORDS ;

        RECORDS :=  RECORDS + 1;
For some reason when I try this I get nonconsitant results. Not to
mention the results are not correct. When I run the report it says at
the bottom right "18 of 700" or something while it is pulling in the
records. My total states that it only found like 50 instead of the 700.
If I use the running totals I only get the number that retured true.
Well I want a count of ever record that the SQL pulled in. Not just the
number that were true.

Please help :)

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Tue, 15 Jul 2003 02:18:30 GMT  
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