Prints Blank report from VB6 RDC/Data controls 
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 Prints Blank report from VB6 RDC/Data controls


I'm using Crystal Report 4.6 to print my reports from VB6 RDC control.
When i check the datacontrols resultset the data exists, but the
crystal report doesnt print it. I have noticed that the problem
generally starts whenever i make some changes to the SQL i get into
this problem. It might be due to way we format our reports.

The general procedure that we follow to format a crystal report is to
make the report source as DataControl and print preview the report,
then save the report to a disk file in crystal report format. Then use
crystal report designer tool to format the raw report.

And whenever we get stuck like this, the only solution we have found
is  to reformat the whole report, which is not a practical solution
when it happens with multiple reports.

Looking forward for a simple solution to address this and thanks for
your time in advance.


Sun, 09 Nov 2003 21:00:28 GMT  
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