TTX File - Change Location = Can't 
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 TTX File - Change Location = Can't

How can I change and then update a .ttx file definition, w/o having it
in the same exact directory where it was when I originally created it
in my report?

1. I've developed an Active Data report (ADO) and created a .ttx file
while doing so.  All works well.

2. The following week I must modify the .ttx file.  I unfortunately
must do so manually with notepad, but it works.

3. A month later, I again must modify the .ttx file.  This time, I have
to place it in a different directory than it was originally created
in.  If I do a Database Verify in th e report, I get a Memory Full
error.  If I try to do a Set Location, I cannot add the new .ttx file
while the old one is in there (or some such) without losing all the
fields on the report pertaining to that .ttx.

Bottom line, I can not update a .ttx file and refresh the report that
uses it w/o the .ttx file being in the same drive/directory as when it
was originally added to the report.  The .rpt file saved its location
and insists that it stay there for all future development.

Believe me, four of us developers have spent hours individually trying
to get around the problem, but can't.  Has this been fixed?  Is there a
workaround?  Anyone else experience this dilemma?


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