Drill down on hidden detail sections of sub report 
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 Drill down on hidden detail sections of sub report

Hello.  I have a report that I am writting in Crystal Reports for .NET.
This report has two subreports, both of which have hidden (drill-down OK)
detail sections.  When I open the subreports in a report viewer without
going thru the main report, I am able to drill down just fine into the
detail sections by clicking on the group headers.  If I open the main report
in a report viewer when the subreports are NOT on-demand, I cannot drill
down into the detail sections.  No error, it's just that my group headers
don't even act as links.  If I open the main report when the subreports ARE
on-demand, when I drill down into the subreport, the group headers now act
as links, but when I click on them I get a system.exception.  Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,

Sun, 10 Jul 2005 07:18:23 GMT  
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