Crystal 8.5 and Dynamic Field Objects 
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 Crystal 8.5 and Dynamic Field Objects

Hello all,

I want to make a form that allows a user to select several different
options and then based on these options bring up a pre-created report
with the new options in place.  For instance..I want them to be able
to Select what Field Objects they want to have displayed and also give
them the ability to pick one item from a list or 10 or all and
whatever is selected will go to the report and be displayed based on
what they choose.  Am I dreaming or is this available with Crystal ?  
I have the 8.5 developer's edition so all controls and things are in
my grasp.  I currently am using the ActiveX Designer Runtime Library
and the Crystal Viewer to pull up my reports but I don't allow any
customization of what is shown.  My biggest challenge is how do I
limit/allow what Field Objects show up on the report?

Thank you for your help,


Sun, 18 Apr 2004 00:54:31 GMT  
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