Crystal Reports 9, CR, XML, Outer Join, {oj} 
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 Crystal Reports 9, CR, XML, Outer Join, {oj}

Crystal Reports 9, CR , XML, Outer Join, {oj}

I tried to build a report, which based on XML-tables
(CR ODBC XML Driver -- DataDirect Techn.)

A left outer join works fine, if just two tables involved.

If a third table is added, an error message occurs
(Syntax error ...).

For example CR produces the statement:

SELECT "C"."IDC", "C"."IDB", "C"."IDA", "A"."IDA", "B"."IDB"
FROM   {oj ("XML"."A" "A" LEFT OUTER JOIN "XML"."C" "C" ON "A"."IDA"="C"."IDA")
        INNER JOIN "XML"."B" "B" ON "C"."IDB"="B"."IDB"}

I tried to execute this query connecting directly via the ODBC driver
- the same error message occurs.

Next I delete the '{oj' '}' braces - after that the SQL statement works fine.

Now my question: How can I tell CR, to build the SQL statement without
'{oj' '}' ???

I tried some registry keys as described by CR (CR9_left_outer_join.pdf)
without any success.

Anyone there, who have the solution/idea?


Tue, 11 Oct 2005 17:14:41 GMT  
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