Pageserver.exe Crashed 
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 Pageserver.exe Crashed

Hi all,

I use NT4.0 SP6, IIS 4.0, and Crystal Report 8.0 (Web Component
Service/Page Server) to print the report on web.

Sometimes I find an error message from Dr. Watson as follow:

"An application error has occurred and an application error log is
being generated. pageserver.exe"

Then the service stops and I must restart it. It happens only once a
day or once in 2 days.

I checked in Crystal Decision's support site. They said that normally
it is caused by
1. Many reports are being run concurrently.
    => only about 3-5 users are running concurrently.
2. A very large reports are being run.
    => the reports are very simple, use only single keyed table.
3. Running under an incorrect user account or account
   with insufficient permissions.
    => even I tried to use administrator account with full permission.
4. Database clients or ODBC drivers do not work when called by
   NT service.
    => It works.
5. Insufficient disk space.
    => the free space for keeping logs is about 10 GB.
6. Not enough RAM.
    => It has 1GB RAM and 1GB virtual memory.

I checked all things above, but I still face the problem.

Anyone have faced this problem and got the solution?

Any comment would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

Fri, 20 Feb 2004 18:19:13 GMT  
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