sql server connect. Migration Access->sql server 
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 sql server connect. Migration Access->sql server

I explain you my problem:

We're working with Visual Basic 5.0 and SQL Server 6.5 in a simple two parts
And we work most of time with DAO.
In this case I'm able to force the ODBC driver to connect using a trusted

Below is an example of the connection string used to create my trusted

sChaineDeConnexion = "ODBC;DRIVER={SQL Server};DSN=SQL
Set wrkODBC = CreateWorkspace("wrkODBC", "", "", dao.dbUseODBC)
Set myCONNEC = wrkODBC.OpenConnection("XXXQB01", dbDriverNoPrompt, Not
dbReadOnly, sChaineDeConnexion)

First question:
? Is it the good way to connect ?

Second question:
Now I have to add an Access database to my project, with linked tables.
? How can I refresh the tables without a connecting window to appear ?

Thu, 08 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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