Problems Exporting Entire Crystal Reports to a PDF document. 
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 Problems Exporting Entire Crystal Reports to a PDF document.

We have a Visual Basic application that can export a Crystal Report to
a PDF document.  We use a feature in Crystal Reports 8.5 that allows
us to join several reports together.  This particular feature works.
However, when the Crystal Report is exported to a PDF document, we are
only getting a 3K PDF file with just the heading from the first page
of the report.  We are also getting the error number, -2147190908,
with the error message, Failed to export the report.  The rest of the
report in the PDF document is missing.  Are there dlls or other files
that need to be updated or registered so that the entire report is

Tue, 30 Aug 2005 06:05:05 GMT  
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