Can't load(or register) custom control crystl16.ocx 
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 Can't load(or register) custom control crystl16.ocx

I have i little(very big) problem! :)

After finishing my VB program distribute to the end user. I've got an
error that the Crystal Report OCX cannot registered into windows.

The exact message is "Can't load(or register) custom control crystl16.ocx"
it appear when I try to run the program and when i run the setup(created by
the setup wizard).

I got this message 2/3 of the computer where i have installed my

I am in VB 4.0 16 bits and in Crystal Report 16 bits too.

Please someone help me... I try to do things with regedit and regocx but it
don't work...

It's very urgent I must implant next week.


Tue, 03 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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