AddCurrentValue not working correctly for boolean parameters 
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 AddCurrentValue not working correctly for boolean parameters

I have developed a reporting app in VB6(sp5) using CR 8.5.  One report has
several boolean parameters.  When I try to set these parameters via the VB
program, they seem to always revert back to False, no matter what I set them
to.  If I run the report directly from Crystal Reports and enter the
parameter values manually, the report works fine.  All other types of
parameters are set correctly.  Here is the code that I am using:

                If .ParameterFields.Item(StoredProcParamNum).ValueType =
crNumberField Then

                ElseIf .ParameterFields.Item(StoredProcParamNum).ValueType =
crBooleanField Then


.ParameterFields.Item(StoredProcParamNum).AddCurrentValue (CurrentValue)
                 End If

If I step through this part of the code, it correctly hits the 2nd condition
(value type is boolean) and adds the correct value, but when the report is
printed/previewed, it is clear that the boolean values have reverted back to

Any thoughts/ideas?

Mon, 08 Aug 2005 22:13:00 GMT  
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