ODBC problem through CR6 and SQL Server 6.5 
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 ODBC problem through CR6 and SQL Server 6.5

This question is not necessarily a CR question as the problem can be
traced to the ODBC connection, but I wondered if anyone had come across
the same problem:

I have a stored procedure that runs a set of cursors, each of which adds
some rows to a table. At the end, I select from that table.
When I run the stored procedure in iSQL, I get say 40 rows back (which I
believe is the correct number), but when I create a CR that connects
through ODBC to my DB, I get only a fraction of the records back. I know
it is an ODBC issue as I have the same problem using SQLCon32.exe which
is a little ODBC client for testing.

Some of the solutions tried and failed are: 'SET NOCOUNT ON', and
upgrading the p2sodbc.dll. Is there any hope?

thanks for the response

Mon, 11 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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