Reports on the Web? 
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 Reports on the Web?

I am new to Crystal Reports, and I need some help creating reports on the
web. (I am using Crystal Reports with Visual Studios .NET using VB)

 I created reports such that I add Windows Forms, and Parameter values
etc.. I connect to a database using the odbc data source. After getting
input from the user, I create teh report for the user to view. For this, I
also have to have my report template which has the fields I specify to
appear on the report.

 How can this whole thing be on the web? I tried creating report on the
web, but all I can do is view the report on the browser. I have to specify
what report I will view on the browser through ReportSource property (by
giving the path). How can I generate the report in the same manner I do in
Windows Form? This includes taking data from the user, and at the runtime,
connecting to the database and display the result on Crystal Report Viewer
in the browser?

Thanks in advance,

Mon, 12 Dec 2005 05:21:08 GMT  
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