Running Crystal 8.5 Reports on Crystal 9 RAS 
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 Running Crystal 8.5 Reports on Crystal 9 RAS

Hi All,

Im attempting to run Crystal 8.5 reports on the Crystal 9 RAS. The
justification for this is that we dont have the time to redevelop the
reports in Crystal 9.

I have found that I can run nearly all Crystal 8.5 reports on the Crystal 9
RAS, except for Crystal 8.5 reports that have stored procedures!

The connection type for these reports is an ODBC System DSN in windows,
pointing to a SQL Server 2000 server.

The type of errors we are experiencing are "42000" errors "Syntax errors"
when running the report. Note that running CR8.5 reports using tables, views
etc works fine. It just falls over on stored procedures!

Any advice on getting CR8.5 reports with stored procedures to run on CR9 RAS
would be greatly appreciated.



Fri, 15 Jul 2005 22:54:23 GMT  
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