Distribute Crystal Oracle ODBC Driver 
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 Distribute Crystal Oracle ODBC Driver

Somebody please help me!!!

We have developed Crystal Report stuff making use of a Crystal Oracle ODBC
driver (requried as stored procedure used) but now when we want to
distribute the stuff (using Installshield Express) we are told that there is
no easy way of distributing the Crystal Oracle ODBC driver. We understand
that we can distribute the relevant DLL files etc but have to manually make
registry entries on the various clients (Win 2000/Win 98/ Win 95/ WINNT).
This will be impossible for us to do on each client...

Is there something I am missing???? Is there no other way around this?

Any suggestions to this very urgent problem would be really appreciated.

possible. I really need this info urgently please, please...

Mon, 16 Aug 2004 21:01:56 GMT  
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