Crystal Dropping Data from Table 
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 Crystal Dropping Data from Table

I am having a problem where I attach to a table in Crystal, and all of
the data does not display. The only query involved is a date range.
When I attach the exact same table to Excel and Access, all of the
data is available. It is not like a whole field is gone, it would be
nice if that were the case. Where I should have four data elements for
a specific code, the Crystal grouping is only showing two of the four
elements. Look at the exact same grouping in Excel and Access and all
four data elements are listed. Is there some kind of support function
I should run in Crystal? Has anyone else had this flukey problem? I
can't explain it to the boss, as to why her report that she has been
relying on does not seem to have all of the necessary data..... Any
help would be greatly appreciated.

Tue, 28 Sep 2004 23:34:27 GMT  
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