Crystal Reports 8.5 and Multi-Threading 
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 Crystal Reports 8.5 and Multi-Threading

Does anyone have any experience with or information on running
simultaneous reports with multiple users (ie. 10-30 users)?  I know
older versions of Crystal had issues with multiple users trying to run
the same report at the same time.  We could only have 1 user at a
time, and the rest were queued.  Is this still the case?  We're
looking to run the reports via a url on our intranet and have been
investigating information on the latest Crystal version.  We don't
want to purchase it if it is not multi-threaded.  If it is, are
performance/report generation time affected?

Any thoughts, suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!  TIA!


Tue, 28 Sep 2004 20:01:53 GMT  
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