OLE Simple Providers and Crystal 
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 OLE Simple Providers and Crystal

Hello Everyone,
    I have the misfortune of porting small sections of an old VB3 app to
VB6. In one section, we are going from direct printer and GDI writes to a
reporting engine. The data source is implemented via my own objects, and I
do not have the luxury of using a database. So, I decided to use
ActiveReports, and I would dynamically bind my data source to the reports at
runtime. This works grea, because my data source is my own class that
implements the OLE Simple DB Provider interfaces.
    I have since found out that the company has arbitrarily applied a
standard that states all reporting will now be using Crystal. So, I tried to
create several "dummy" reports, but I could not assign my custom data source
to the report (Report.Database.SetDataSource (i think) method). I keep
getting a "Subscript Out Of Range" exception. Please note that this is the
Report object from the activeX Designer's library, not the CPRE library. I
have since found out that these are not the same objects or do not implement
the same interfaces. I want to continue to use the activeX designer for the
code-behind benefits, but I am at a standstill until I can figure out how to
apply my own custom datasource to the report.
    In the CRPE lib, there is an object called DatabaseTable that has a
method called SetPrivateData in which you can assign either a Recordset
object, or a crystal CDO object. However, the corresponding class in the
designer's typelib does not contain that method.
    I can get it to work if I implement my data source in a separate DLL,
but my datasource needs to interact with the reports, so that is not an
    Any suggestions?

trey hutcheson

Sat, 29 Nov 2003 06:46:37 GMT  
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