Crystal 8, VB Script Server has not yet been opened Error 
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 Crystal 8, VB Script Server has not yet been opened Error

I am using Crystal Reports 8 and Visual InterDev 6 and an Oracle 8i
database through an ODBC connection.  I’ve added the Design Time
Control, ReportViewer, that comes with Crystal 8 to an .asp page.
I’ve made a simple report with only text and I get it to show up
in the browser (Windows 2000), but when I insert a report that
utilizes ODBC I come up with the following error.  “CRAXDRT
Error occurred on server.  –2147192184: Server has not yet been
opened.”  This is the code

<script LANGUAGE="VBScript" RUNAT="Server">
ReportName = MID(request.ServerVariables("PATH_TRANSLATED"), 1, _
        (LEN(request.ServerVariables("PATH_TRANSLATED"))-16)) & "Report1.rpt"

On Error Resume Next

If Not IsObject ( session("oApp") ) Then
    Set session ("oApp") =
End If
Call session("oApp").SetMorePrintEngineErrorMessages(0)
Call session("oApp").SetMatchLogonInfo(1)

If IsObject(session("oRpt")) then
        Set session("oRpt") = nothing
End if

Set session("oRpt") = session("oApp").OpenReport(ReportName,1)

session("oRpt").MorePrintEngineErrorMessages = 0

If Err.Number <> 0 Then
    Response.Write "An Error has occured. Please check the ASP page."
    If IsObject(session("oPageEngine")) Then
        set session("oPageEngine") = nothing
    End If
    set session("oPageEngine") = session("oRpt").PageEngine
End If

<OBJECT ID="CRViewer1"
<param name="DisplayGroupTree" value=0>
<param name="EnableRefreshButton" value=1>
<param name="EnablePrintButton" value=1>
<param name="EnableExportButton" value=1>
<param name="EnableSearchControl" value=1>
<param name="EnableDrillDown" value=1>
<param name="EnableAnimationControl" value=1>
<param name="EnableZoomControl" value=1>

I&#8217;ve tried:

session("oApp").LogOnServer "PDSODBC.DLL", "trmi", "trmi8i", "manager"

session("oApp").LogOnServer "PDSODBC.DLL", "", "", "", ""

session("oRpt").Database.SetDataSource "trmi"

set crtable1 = session("oRpt").Database.Tables.Item(1)
crtable1.SetLogOnInfo "PDSODBC.DLL", "trmi", "trmi8i", "manager",


        There has to be something I&#8217;m missing.  Any Help would be
greatly appreciated.

Thanks Kevin

Tue, 25 Nov 2003 20:49:39 GMT  
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