Using Runtime Data Sources with Oracle 
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 Using Runtime Data Sources with Oracle

Dear Group

I got a problem with runtime data sources in Crystal Reports and I would
be very glad if somebody could give me a hint.

I'm using Oracle Dynasets in a VB6 front end. These OraDynasets are my
(primary) runtime data source for the reports. What I tried so far:

- Using the Crystal Report Control
As documented in the Crystal TechRef you can define a data source
control as data source for the report control. This is very handy but
has a major drawback in my opinion: The report evolving from this method
is very hard to maintain, because the field definition seems
unchangeable to me. This means that if I want to add a new field to my
report I have to design it again from scratch!!! So if anybody came
across this problem and solved it ... would be very interested.

- using a Crystal Data Object and working with Data Definition Files
According the manual you should use Report Designer Component instead of
a Report Control. But this isn't easier either. First I have to do flips
and twists until my data coming from the Oracle Dynaset is in this
CrystalDataObject. Then Data Definition Files don't support strings that
are > 254. You have to use Memo fields instead. And guess what ...
Crystal Data Objects don't support Memo fields! Which means that the
text fields in my report have 254 characters maximum length. This is
unacceptable of course (think of a simple serial letter). So a
suggestion how to bypass the limitations of a Data Definition File would
also very appreciated.

I'm Working with Crystal Reports 8.0.

Of course I tried I every possibility I can think of to make Crystal
work directly with OraDynasets and/or Oracle Data Controls (as ADO or
RDO). But except for the Report Control I had no success.

Thank you for every hint


Sun, 24 Jul 2005 02:11:25 GMT  
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