modifying the where clause during runtime in crystal reports 8.5 
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 modifying the where clause during runtime in crystal reports 8.5

I have a few parameters that are to be passed to execute a crystal
report.I am using the pic list to enter the parameter.Lets say the pic
list has around 10 values, and I have chosen to pass multiple values
for a parameter.
For Example
The pick list has the values US,UK,AUS,IND,GER,FRA,NZ,CA,SI and ALL.
Lets say I choose US,UK,GER,FRA,CA then my query for the CR will be

Select countryName from Countries where CountryCode in

and when I choose 'ALL' in the pick list then the querry should be as

Select countryName from Countries

Another roundabout solution that I thot about is
when 'ALL' is chosen I want to pass all the values to the parameter.

Select countryName from Countries where CountryCode in

Can some one help me????Awaiting someone's reply..........


Mon, 10 Oct 2005 21:09:14 GMT  
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