32bit Crystal Reports error reporting links in 3 table database 
Author Message 32bit Crystal Reports error reporting links in 3 table database


I have a question that I need a very quick answer to. I have tried all
methods of contact and report variabels and have found nothing to fix this
problem NOR any reason why it should exist to begin with. Here is some data
about what I am using.

Crystal Reports 32 Bit version that comes with Visual Basic 5.0
DAO 3.5 DataBase with 3 tables.
The DataBase is not registered via ODBC and I do not want it this way. It
is used through reports natively but can be accessed through the company
Network via drive/directory or shared paths.
The three tables are linked A -> B and A -> C hence the non SQL/ODBC
Table A has a unique field which points to records in the other two tables.
To better illistrate this let me use the Table names Movie Actors Crew. The
main table is Movie. I have a unique field named Movie.Record which points
to the Actors Table that has a nonunique field (but primary) name
Actors.Record. Any time I call up Movie.Record = 1 then all Actors.Record =
1 are also called up. The same link exists between the Movie.Record and a
field called Crew.Record. (this is all typical relational database work).
When I call up Movie.Record = 35 then I want the report to show all Actors
and Crew members involved with whatever movie that is (BTW this is simply
an example. The DataBase has nothing to do with movies.)

The report is set up so that the Movie data is displayed at the top. In the
details section is data about the actors and crew members presented under
headings something like this:

ACTORS                                  |CREW
Actor name              born    died    sex     |crewman                born    died    sex
        Actor bio                               |       crew bio

Hopefully that looks okay in any text format. Anyway, if I open the movie
record into the report and there are say 3 actors related to the movie and
2 crewmen then everything looks fine. It looks something like this:

ACTORS                  |CREW
Sean Connery    7-7-32  X   M   |Albert Brocolli                7-7-32  X  M
    Scottish actor star of...   |       Bond film producer
Ewin Mcgregor   7-7-32   X  M   |Other Dude             7-7-32  X  M
    Trains planes and...                |       Some other guy
Sylvia Platt    7-7-32  X  F
    A female lead in the...

Okay take for granted the the data shown in the report in this example
would be correct. Ignore the dates and X and other data I am just showing
an example.

The problem occurs if there is only one Record in either table. If there
are 0 or 2 or more records found in either of the linked tables (Actors and
Crew) then everything is fine. But when only one record is found in one
Table and more than one is found in the other the report adds excess data
to try and compensate. Using the above example it looks like this if only
one CREW record was found:

ACTORS                  |CREW
Sean Connery    7-7-32  X   M   |Albert Brocolli                7-7-32  X  M
    Scottish actor star of...   |       Bond film producer
Ewin Mcgregor   7-7-32   X  M   |Albert Brocolli                7-7-32  X  M
    Trains planes and...                |       Bond film producer
Sylvia Platt    7-7-32  X  F    |Albert Brocolli                7-7-32  X  M
    A female lead in the...             |       Bond film producer

What is the deal? Why is it adding this excess data when there was only one
record located? It doesn't do it if the report fins no records in the
opposing Table or if it finds 2 or more. This sounds like a bug to me. I DO
have the Null fields set to default and suppress duplicate fields in some
of the fields (dates abviously cannot contain this) and it doesn't help. I
have tried a thousand combinations and to no avail. What is

Any help will be appreciated.

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Sun, 26 Nov 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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