UFL 16-bit problems 
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 UFL 16-bit problems


We're trying to display some information in a particular order that's determined
by some very complicated rules.  After working several days in CRW7 trying to use
some formulas to get the right order, I gave up and wrote a UFL using VB6.  This
UFL uses ADO to run a SQL Server 7 stored procedure.  The UFL then writes the
recordset returned by the stored procedure to a string and returns it to

I could have bound my report straight to a stored procedure, but the problem is
the app that's actually printing the report is supplied by a third party and we
therefore can't get it to pass an argument to the stored procedure.

The report looks fine and works as expected when I run it on my machine.  I then
installed by UFL's dll on the machine that needs to print the report.  It does
not work on the target machine, the reason is because the third party app that
prints the report is 16-bit and hence doesn't see my UFL.  We also can't get the
report to work when we try to display it in CRW 7 16-bit.

There seems to be some contradictory information on UFL's in Crystal's knowledge
base.  In one article it says that the UFL needs to go in the same directory as
crpe32.dll (32-bit) or crpe.dll (32-bit).  However, other articles indicate that
you can't develop 16-bit UFL's.  BTW The Target machine is running Windows NT 4.0.

Mon, 10 Nov 2003 06:11:45 GMT  
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