Mapping by New Zealand Cities 
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 Mapping by New Zealand Cities

Hi Bruce, and other map users.

I have two mapping-related problems (using Info 7) in spite of reading
everything I can find on the topic.

(1) Using 'Xtreme' sample data, I can get data to appear by Country but not

(2) I created NZ test data in columns called "Patient Name", "AdmissionID",
"Country" and "City".  I want to count admissionIDs and then have this
graphically displayed for each city.

I can't get this data to even *appear* in the NZ map.  Country = "New
for all records.  Cities are standard city names (e.g. Auckland, Wellington

The USA map appears, I add the "world" layer and some NZ Layers but nothing
shows up.  Note, the legend shows "0" values suggesting that my summary data
is not 'getting through' to the map. (I have even installed onto a new
to ensure this is not an installation problem).

Any hints/tips are most welcome.


New Zealand.

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Mon, 10 Nov 2003 07:20:35 GMT  
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