Crystal Reports Licensing - Willing to Pay for Expertise 
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 Crystal Reports Licensing - Willing to Pay for Expertise

I am developing an application that uses Crystal Reports for its
report "viewer".  Basically, I create the report, users then log in to
view the report, and in some cases, can change the date seletion
criteria.  The application is run as a service where my user base
could grow substanitively.

My problem is this... A user license is extremely expensive - $1495
for a concurrent license.  There are also other options like a server
license for $25K.  But, I do not need all the functionality of a full
user-- I only need them to view the report.  There is also a broadcast
license, which does not work either because I do need the user to
query the database, occasionally.

I called Crystal Reports and they said to write a proposal.  I need
help.  Has anyone worked an arrangement like this with Seagate that
could offer me assistance???  

I could write this proposal, but there have to be people out there
that have faced a similar situation.

Sun, 21 Sep 2003 08:25:55 GMT  
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