Problem Installing on User PC 
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 Problem Installing on User PC

I have created a Crystal Report and am using DAO to acce an Access database.
The database is secured by a database level password, no user level
security.  I am using the crystal ActiveX control and set Crystal1.Password
= chr(10) & "MyPassword".  I then comple the application and it works on my
dev system.  When I install it on one machine (win95) Crystal reports an
error "Incorrect Password".  I then removed the password from the database
and re-installed it and it worked.

1) How can I keep the database secured?

On another machine, using the unsecured method above, Crystal reports that
It can not initiate a DBEngine.

I have set a reference to DAO 3.5 I think. And I have checked the runtime
file requirements and I think I have all of the files needed.  Has anyone
else ran accross this?  Any help would be gratefully accepted.


Thu, 22 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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