Display value depend on parameters 
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 Display value depend on parameters

Dear All:

I am using Vb6 +Crystal Report.
My question is can we do sth which can swithching the display of one forumla
according to parameter value?

I would like to do following :
if param = 0 then
    using Database Value
else if param <>  0 then
    using param value at display.

Thanks for reading and help.

Best Wishes
From Bman

Tue, 10 May 2005 11:29:18 GMT  
 Display value depend on parameters

>Subject: Display value depend on parameters

>Date: 11/21/02 9:29 PM Central Standard Time

>Dear All:

>I am using Vb6 +Crystal Report.
>My question is can we do sth which can swithching the display of one forumla
>according to parameter value?

>I would like to do following :
>if param = 0 then
>    using Database Value
>else if param <>  0 then
>    using param value at display.

>Thanks for reading and help.

>Best Wishes
>From Bman

IF {?parameter} = 0 THEN {table.field} else {?parameter}
This will only work if the parameter and field are the same data type (both
numeric in this example).

Tue, 10 May 2005 23:28:53 GMT  
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