Paradox 4.5 for DOS problems with CR6 
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 Paradox 4.5 for DOS problems with CR6

Whenever I try to run a report that acceses tables in Paradox
(I'm accessing both Paradox 4.5 for DOS and Access 8), I get
the error that it can't find the file filename.db (where
filename is the given database) in the location it's supposed
to be.  This only happens when another computer is in paradox.
 Thus I'm led to beleive that the locking that Crystal is
using is not compatible with 4.5 for DOS (must use 3.5 or
earlier?) When I run the report on it's own with no one else
in Paradox, it works great.

I could just link tables in Access, but then the report bogs
down in a very serious way (5-10 minutes per page - it's a
complex report on lots of data, but not that much!)

Is there anywhere to set the Paradox net style, net path, and
user name in Crystal.  I have it set in the Registry for use
with accessing Paradox straight from VB, but Crystal doesn't
seem to want to use that info.

Any help would be appreciated,


please reply to usenet and e-mail if possible.

Sun, 24 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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