CR8.5, VB6 & Access 2000 MDB File 
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 CR8.5, VB6 & Access 2000 MDB File


We're using the combination mentioned in the subject. This has been
working fine with CR6. We recently upgraded to 8.5. Now some reports
(note: not all, but some !) cannot open the password protected
database file. This results in the dreaded "Cannot find table X at
location X". We've been searching hi and lo for a solution (have been
Googlin' all day ;->), but can't come up with something.

This is what we use to set the password

    With myRapport.Database
        For i = 1 To .Tables.Count
            .Tables(i).Location = sDataBase            
            .Tables(i).SetSessionInfo "user", Chr(10) & "q4win"
    End With

So in case someone out there can shed a light on this, we'd be very
grateful !


Sat, 13 Nov 2004 17:52:48 GMT  
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