Passing SQL Server parameters to subreports in Crystal Reports 6 from VB 
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 Passing SQL Server parameters to subreports in Crystal Reports 6 from VB

If you're having problems passing stored procedure parameters to a
subreport that is embedded in a main report in Crystal Reports, you
may want to try the following:

Note: You will need to add "Crystal Reports Engine Object Library
6.0", to your project references.

Global g_CrystalApplication As CRPEAuto.Application

Private Sub SomeSub()
   Dim MainReport As CRPEAuto.Report
   Dim SubReport As CRPEAuto.Report

    Set MainReport = g_CrystalApplication.OpenReport("Main.rpt")
    With MainReport.Database
        .Parameters(1).Value = CStr(Me.txtStartDate.Text)
        .Parameters(2).Value = CStr(Me.txtEndDate.Text)
        End With

    Set SubReport = MainReport.OpenSubreport("Sub.rpt")
    With SubReport.Database
        .Parameters(1).Value = CStr(Me.txtStartDate.Text)
        .Parameters(2).Value = CStr(Me.txtEndDate.Text)
        End With

    PrintReport "Main", True

    Set SubReport = Nothing
    Set MainReport = Nothing
End Sub

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