PDBDAO.DLL Not Found Error !? 
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 PDBDAO.DLL Not Found Error !?

>I have a VB5 (SP2) app using Crystal V5 to print a report.   On my
>development system,  it prints fine.   When I install on a test system,  I
>get an error complaining about PDBDAO.DLL not being found!   I checked,
>double-checked the distribution files list in the Crystal help file - I
>believe I've got the right files.

>According to the Crystal help file,  PDBDAO.DLL is part of national language
>support and is available separately from Seagate Software.    But wait a
>minute!  My test system is configured for US English.    Doesn't add up...

>BTW,   my production system is NT 4.0 SP3,   test system is Win95 SP1.

>Anybody hit this problem before?   I'm a bit stumped!    Thanks ...

>- Chris Vignola

I had the same problem.

In File | Report Options - use the convert report to change the data
access dll to PDBJET, the report is trying to use DAO to access your
database rather than the Jet engine.

DAO is installed by crystal so other solution is use brute force.
Install Crystal on client machine to get the Dll's installed and
registered and then delete the crystal directory !

This assumes your database is based on Jet. ie an access mdb ?


Sat, 22 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
 PDBDAO.DLL Not Found Error !?

Turns out the message requests a missing 16bit DLL.   What my 32bit app
actually lacked was P2BDAO.DLL.  Once I added that DLL to my setup,  the
problem was solved.

Thanks for your help.

Tue, 25 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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