Difference between Crystal Environment and VB.NET app 
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 Difference between Crystal Environment and VB.NET app

How are you setting the parameters?


> I'm running the same report with the same parameter values from Crystal
> Reports environment and everything is fine. See attached file
> When I run the same report from VB.Net app everything screwed up. First of
> all data from header disappear, all Bidders go together in the same group,
> and instead of 8 pages I get in Crystal, here I get 2 only. See attached
> file InVBNet.jpg
> Why is it happening and how to prevent this?
> There is even more. I had the same problem with another report and fixed
> somehow (do not understand what I did to make it work). Then I created
> similar report by using the first one and by replacing its stored
> The second one is working fine in both environments. Then using the same
> approach I created the third one and I've got the same problem I had with
> the first one in the beginning.
> Any idea, please.

Fri, 08 Jul 2005 15:15:28 GMT  
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