Q: Changing Data Sources in CR6/VB5/SQLServer 
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 Q: Changing Data Sources in CR6/VB5/SQLServer

Hi everybody.
We have a setting with several identical databases distributed across
several servers. The database names change as well as the servers, but their
schema is identical. We are using SQL-Server.

The problem arises when designing reports with CR 6.0. At design time we use
one of the server/database combination, but want it to work with any at
runtime, given a connection string. Using the Connect property of the OCX
would not help. We can change the location of the server, but it assumes the
same database name. If any of the server or database (DSQ) does not exist,
the program still runs without error, but using the design environment.

e.g. We use
Crw.Connect = dsn=lab_sql; uid=sa; pwd=; dsq=db_secur

dsn points to a odbc source to a specific server.

The property NEVER fails (always returns error-free), but actually does not
perform anything when unsuccesful. Even if successful, it does not change
the database name (dsq), and the report runs with the database name it was
designed with. We managed to switch servers with the same database
qualifier, though.

What are we doing wrong? Is there another method for this task?

Help would be appreciated.
Rgrds Theys

Tue, 03 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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