Crystal Report Pro shows only 130 fields in large table 
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 Crystal Report Pro shows only 130 fields in large table

Actually, I found out my problem was stemming from the fact that the report
was developed on an earlier version of the table when it had only 130
fields.  Since then, 16 fields had been added.  You would think that simply
refreshing the database links to the report would work. Apparently, this
ancient version of Crystal stores the table structures in the report.  It
also will not (at least I can't figure out how) use query objects in Access
2.0 as the basis for a report.  Later versions of Crystal (4.6) will do
this. Well, now my problem is I get "The PDQQBE.DLL cannot be opened.
Please check its configuration." when I try to re-add the newer database
file to the report.  Then it proceeds to tell me that the Access database
file I am using isn't a valid data file.  Yeah, right.  The only reference
to this problem I have found in dejanews is someone solving it by checking
their network permissions.  This report I have runs locally and the database
is local (running on 98, not NT).  Anybody know what the hell to do now??



Sun, 01 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 Crystal Report Pro shows only 130 fields in large table

Open the report in the designer and go to Database/Verify Database you will
get a message for each table in the report that has changed click OK and
save the report and now it will show all of the fields.  Note you need to do
this everytime the tables or indexes are changed. While this may seem
onerous Crystal is accessing your data without you having to have Access or
what ever database engine you are using. So it needs to store the table
structure in the report.

Wed, 04 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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