Help: CR7 will not install on XP Home 
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 Help: CR7 will not install on XP Home


Setting up a new development PC, I cannot get Crystal Reports 7 to install
on XP Home.  Inserted the CD and the front-menu appears OK, allowing
selection of the 16-bit install, 32-bit install and a few other options.  As
soon as I click on the 32-bit install the installation returns to the
desktop.  If I run the 32-bit setup.exe from the appropriate directory on
the CD it again returns to the desktop.

I've not had this problem installing CR7 on XP before, though only done it a
couple of times and it has been XP Pro not XP Home.

Note that the user profile has administrator privileges.  No problems
encountered installing anything else.

Sun, 25 Sep 2005 20:38:12 GMT  
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