Prointing problem CR 7.0 VB 6.0 w/ ADO 
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 Prointing problem CR 7.0 VB 6.0 w/ ADO

Can any of you help me with this problem?

I am using the Crystal Report Control (OCX), I have the control placed on the
form (even though I cannot open the report editor within VB, I was able to add
the OCX to VB) When I try to set the connection to the Database, which is
using an ADO connection via VB's Data connection - which as I am understanding
it an ADO type connection. The Data Connection is using under the Provider Tab
the following: Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider

The error message I am getting when I try to connect is: "No Compatible data
source was found for this control. Please add an intrinsic Data Control or a
Remote Data Control to the form."

The data I am using is not bound to the form only to the database within each
object on the form.

It was my understanding that CR could now link using ADO - maybe I need to run
some other update or patch.

I also have tried this code within the program itself and the error message I get
from it.

     Set rsQuotePrint = New Recordset
    rsQuotePrint.Open "SELECT * FROM Quote", _
        CCDoors, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic, adCmdText

With crWorkOder
    .ReportFileName = App.Path & "WorkOrder.rpt"
    .Destination = crptToPrinter
    .PrinterStartPage = 1
    .PrinterStopPage = -1
    .CopiesToPrinter = 1
  End With

Error Msg:

    Error Code: 424
    Description: Object Required
    Source: CCDoors_ADO

At one point before changing to Access 2000 I was using CR 4.?? That came with VB
so I know it works, I can open the report in the CR designer program and see and
print the correct report from the database with no problem, I do not understand
what is going on with this. Any Ideas???

Tue, 05 Aug 2003 04:14:40 GMT  
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