CR 4.6 - Report doesn't update parameters - HELP 
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 CR 4.6 - Report doesn't update parameters - HELP

Hi everyone!

I'm having a problem that I'm not finding the solution!

My report is build based on a stored procedure, and thos procedure
expects 4 parameters. The problem is, when I pass the parameters
values, the report doesn't read this values that I'm passing, and
builds the report based on the values configured in its own.

I'm using the following code:

With Cry_Report
    .ReportFileName = Report_Cadmus & "\Analitico.rpt"
    .StoredProcParam(0) = CStr(Format(Dtp_Inicial.Value, "yyyymmdd"))
    .StoredProcParam(1) = CStr(Format(Dtp_Final.Value, "yyyymmdd"))
    .StoredProcParam(2) = ""
    .StoredProcParam(3) = ""
    .Action = 1
End With

Is there something missing? Why the report doesn't read the values
that I pass?

I appreciate any help!


Fri, 24 Jun 2005 20:37:17 GMT  
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