Changing the location of an OLE object to point to somewhere else 
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 Changing the location of an OLE object to point to somewhere else

I have placed an image in an OLE object that is set to a specific location
with  links.  I want to be able to change the pointed location to another
location (picture) using the crystal activeX control.

I'm not sure how this can be done.  I was not able to find any documentation
in on this issue except on how for it to be initially created in the crystal

Thanx in advance,

Sat, 29 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 Changing the location of an OLE object to point to somewhere else
I'm assuming that you're using the ActiveX Report Desginer in VB5/6
since it's the only Seagate tool that supports image swapping at run
time. You just need to pass a filespec that's in your dataset and
Crystal/VB will load the corresponding picture. Here's an excerpt from
the Crystal 7 developer help, but it should work for version 6 as well:

The OLEObject provides the FormattedPicture property for getting and
setting the current image displayed in an OLE object. This property can
only be accessed during the Format event for the report Section
containing the OLE image object.
The following examples demonstrate how to use the FormattedPicture

  Private Sub Section1_Format(ByVal pFormattingInfo As Object)
        Set Picture1.FormattedPicture = LoadPicture("Xtreme.bmp")
  End Sub

Note that if the image changes, the picture must be reloaded. OLE image
controls can be assigned bitmaps (bmp), Windows metafiles (wmf), JPEG
files (jpg), GIF files (gif), Icons (ico), and enhanced metafiles (emf).

Sun, 30 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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