Using FaxNow To fax Crystal Reports in VB 
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 Using FaxNow To fax Crystal Reports in VB

Hi there,

Could anyone possibly help me.

I am currently creating an activeX control for an Insurance system, using
Crystal Reports API.

This control will allow the system to put a fax number and then  fax off a
crystal report.

The following assumes there is a Crystal Report ocx control called
CrystalReport1 on the activex control

Sub PrintBarcodes1(sClaimNo As String)
    With CrystalReport1
      .ProgressDialog = False
      .PrinterName = "FaxNow!"
      .PrinterDriver = "isfapi32.dll"     ----------(?)
      .Destination = crptMapi
     .PrinterPort = "FAX_RR"        ----------(??)
      .Connect = sConnectViaOLEDB
      .ReportFileName = sRptLocation & "bcodes1a.RPT"
      .ReportTitle = " ABBEY "
      .ParameterFields(1) = "ClaimNo;" & sClaimNo & ";True"
      .PrintFileType = crptRTF
      .EMailToList = "fax:01162877892" ----------(???)
      .Action = 1
    End With
End Sub

My questions are :
    (?)    Is this the right FAXNOW driver file
    (??)  Is this the right port setting.
    (???) I am not sure about this format . I do know that the following Fax
programs have their own formats

                                            Outlook Fax - "fax:555
555-5555"<or> "[fax:555 555-5555]"

            I was just wondering if FaxNow has a specific format.

The following code was written having looked at the following example on the
Crystal Report Knowledge Base site.
     CrystalReport1.Destination = crptMapi
     CrystalReport1.PrintFileType = crptRTF

     CrystalReport1.EMailSubject = "Here is my fax"
     CrystalReport1.Action = 1

Any advise or help would be mych appreciated.


Abbey Arshad

Tue, 28 Sep 2004 20:01:37 GMT  
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