HELP: Redistributing CrRep runtimes 
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 HELP: Redistributing CrRep runtimes

I don't think that you can leagally re-distribute the exe.., but you
should be able to get this to work.

What version of Crsytal are you using?

There are specific runtime file requirements for each version, and
they change. For 32 bit you will probably need the implode.dll, if you
are using version 5.x then you will also need the crpaige.dll. In
short there are a large number of runtime file requirements, depending
on the version that you are distributing.


This is the hompage. Cystal in under the BI or Buisness Intellegence
area. The support pages have information on runtime file requirements
for most of the version available online.

On Sun, 2 Nov 1997 19:19:50 +0100, "Dan"


>A little bit of history.
>My Vb5 app calls CRPE32 dll to print from an MDB (V 8) database (JET way)
>via a report file.
>No Crystal controls (OCX).Just CRPE32 and RPT file.
>Given that redistributing CRPE32 alone it's not enough I should probably
>need the exporting DLLs along with the Destination DLLs and
>MSCVRT20.DLL and finally CTL3D32.DLL.
>Oops, also CO2C40EN.DLL maybe, but my report doesn't use any ole object.
>That's what I did, but CRPE32.DLL looks like brain-dead.
>I.e.: I installed my app on my desktop PC, run it, I've choosen the menu to
>call my print procedure (CR, of course) and a MsgBox came up telling me that
>Crpe32.dll wasn't found.Weird: it was in <WinSys> dir.
>Next step: I went through my Declare statement and gave
>"C:\Windows\System\crpe32.dll" value to the <Lib> argument of the
>declaration itself.Recompiled, overwrote the previous EXE on the above
>mentioned PC.Well, NOTHING changed but the message: now
>"C:\Windows\System\Crpe32.dll" wasn't found.
>Further on: tried to register Crpe32.dll with Regsvr32 but "NO entry point
>found" was the message.

>Now: what else is to be done since I'm beginning to be stuck with it ?
>Do I need to redistribute CRW32.exe too ?

>Thanks for any help

>Daniele Berti

>PGP Key ID: ECC14A51
>Key Fingerprint = 4C C0 DB BD 85 D8 E7 D3  C4 63 82 53 DC 7E 82 EC

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