VB.net and crystal reports.net Multiple reports 
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 VB.net and crystal reports.net Multiple reports

I have a report load into the Crystal Reports viewer.  I have the
report populate it's data by selecting data depending on an invoice
number.  I can select single reports at once.  I tried to do a range
selection like {invoice.invoiceid} in 50000 to 999999.  But when this
is used strange records are recieved.  Data from other invoices are
recieved.  There invoice ids range from 50001-50099 so I want the
report to have 99 pages but the only invoices that show up are 50005,
50011 and 50067.  I have no idea why these are the only one that show
up.  Any clues?

Sat, 07 May 2005 07:33:24 GMT  
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