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I'm newbie with Crystal Reports. I'm using 7.0 Version. But I tryed to do
the same with earlier versions on different machines. I cannot align fields
on report neither vertically nor horizontally. I set Grid Size to minimal
value - 0.011. I tryed with higher value - even worth. When I'm using mouse
to make small movement, the field moves with different steps, sometimes
jumping. With keyboard (Ctrl + Arrow) the same different value of steps.
What settings can change the behavior of CR? It's so annoying to spent hours
just to put fields in the appropriate place.
One more problem: In CR environment report looks good for example, but there
is no garantee, that it will look the same when I'm opening it from VB using
Crystal control. Some fields are truncated. I have to open report in CR
environment again, make those fields much wider than they need to be in CR
environment. I have to be very careful, because now they can overlap each
other. I have the same behaviour on all my machines (3 at home an 2 at my
job). Is this "normal" for CR or something wrong with installations,
settings or something else?
Thank you in advance

Sun, 21 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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