Automatic printing from CRViewer? 
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 Automatic printing from CRViewer?

I believe that the method is PrintOut on the CrystalReport object (in your
example crxReport.PrintOut).

> Hi,

> I have a VB6 application with several CR7 reports created using the
> Crystal Report Designer Component.

> I have created a separate form for printing each of these reports.
> Each form contains a "Smart Viewer" ActiveX control, with code to load
> the data from an Oracle database, then "point" the report at the data
> (crxReport.Database.SetDataSource RDC1.Resultset, 3, 1), then to view
> the report (crxViewer.ReportSource = crxReport; crxViewer.ViewReport).

> Some users are getting crabby because they don't want to preview the
> reports.  They just want to print them straight to the printer with no
> preview displayed.  Is there an easy way to achieve this?  Pleeeease.
> Note: I'm using RemoteData controls to supply the data for the reports.

> Many thanks,

> MB

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Sat, 22 Feb 2003 22:27:30 GMT  
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