Change SQL Server at run time??? 
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 Change SQL Server at run time???

Hi Robert,

Which developping tool do you use? How do you drive the report engine?
API, OCX, ...

You have to set the ODBC- Connection in a way. I my be able to help you
if i'd know more of your developing environment. If you just use Crystal
reports you can change database via the database menu I believe. But i
think this is not you approach.

In VB I use somthing like

With CrystalReport1
    .CopiesToPrinter = CInt(txtReportKopien)
    .Destination = IIf(bPreview, 0, 1)
    .ReportFileName = ReportPath() + sFile
    .Connect = wsMain.Connect()
    .WindowState = 2
    .ProgressDialog = True
End With


Public Function Connect() As String

Connect = "DSN=" + DatenQuelle() + ";UID=" + UserName() + ";PWD=" +
Pwd() + ";DSQ="

End Function

Hope it'll help


>  We are using crw6 and native connection to Oracle 7,3  ...... for
> development and sometimes for training we use a Test server instead of our
> Live server.

> Although I am able at run time to get crystal to log in to the test server I
> cant figure out how to tell the report to use the Test server as it keeps
> saying it cant find the server ( I guess it is still looking for the Live
> server) ...

> Can anyone help and tell me how to switch servers at run time.???

> Rob

Tue, 25 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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